\\\ Let’s Play! ///

The Original Double-sided, Travel Game-Bag Set
With our First-to-Market Set — the game-board is the package
• Handmade in New York • Play somewhere Inspired •


Let’s Play!

Play Somewhere Inspired

This modern-classic takes your leisure gaming to another level. The Game-board is a drawstring bag. Challenge a friend from poolside to campsite, from the beach to the mountains.

play with friends and family from the comfort
of indoors to the adventure of outdoors

The Original Double-Sided Travel Game-bag Set
Printed & Made in the USA

Available in 3 Bag Styles:
• Premium Sets
• Backpack Sets
• mini sets

Backpack Backgammon
anD checkers

• CUSTOM Collaborations •

Exclusively made in 22-oz Filson Rugged Twill

Introducing our mini Checkers & Tic Tac Toe set

the seagull Checkers set

custom EDITION in olive suede

The Original Checkers picnic Game-Bag
Custom Artwork printed in Water-base Ink

Play somewhere inspired

This classic game-bag set is on the move. Play at home on a rainy day. Roll-it-up and take it on your
next trip. Fill-it-up with your beach-towel, sunscreen and snacks to go poolside, ocean-side, hiking or even a picnic with a friend.Exploring abroad? Play a local, no translation needed.